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The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is the world's largest organization serving the professional and business interests of attorneys who practice in the legal departments of corporations, associations, nonprofits and other private-sector organizations around the globe.

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Global Community Starts With You

Your ACC membership has transformed the way you engage with your role and the in-house community. Now is your chance to share the value with your in-house colleagues and give them and yourself something extra! Get new members involved at a discounted rate and earn various perks including gift cards, donations to charity on your behalf, and even a complimentary event registration! 

Invite A Friend

Expand Your Network of In-house Peers

Invite your in-house friends and colleagues to become members of ACC. Share the knowledge of ACC’s resources and how being a member has helped advance your career.

With ACC membership, your in-house peers join the association's global network of over 45,000 in-house professionals, gain access to a robust online resource library, and receive discounts on world-class educational programming. Plus, you create new opportunities to engage with colleagues and share ideas. 

The Perks - Share The Value, Get Rewarded!

Rewards will be distributed monthly. Recruiters will be recognized at the end of the month in which they recruited members via ACC's official LinkedIn account. Recruiters also receive the following tiered rewards based on how many cumulative members they refer to ACC between April 1 and September 30 2022.


1 Member:

  • Member name listed on a digital scoreboard on this page
  • A $5 digital gift card
  • A badge on your member profile in our discussion forums

MGAM Ribbon                                        

2 Members:

3 Members: 

5+ Members (Rare Achievement): 

  • Members who recruit five or more members will win a complimentary registration to the qualified event of their choosing. Registrations must be used for an event before 12/31/22.

    • ACC Annual Meeting ​

    • Australia National Conference​​

    • European Annual Conference

    • ACC Global General Counsel Summit​ (must be eligible)

  • The ACC Chapter that cumulatively recruits the most members during the campaign will be granted one complimentary registration for one of the above listed events

How to Participate

The most effective way to engage potential members is to share how ACC makes a difference in your practice.

  • Identify an in-house colleague (in your office or at another company) who is not a current member of ACC.
  • Share your story about the value of ACC membership.
  • Ask your colleague to sign up online and list your name under the "How did you hear about ACC?" section. Your colleague must select "Friend/Colleague" from the list and enter your name in the text box. Your name must be provided in the online application to receive recognition.
  • Repeat with another colleague.


  • To receive credit for each new member or reinstated member, individuals must submit the online application and list their recruiter's name in the "How did you hear about ACC?" section. Select "Friend/Colleague" from the list and then enter the recruiter's name in the text box.
  • Only ACC members in good standing and Chapter Administrators are eligible to participate in this campaign.
  • All membership applications must be received between 1 April 12:00 am ET and 30 September 11:59 pm ET.
  • The recruiter will be given credit once the membership application is approved according to ACC membership eligibility requirements.

The Fine Print

This campaign will be void where prohibited by law. This campaign is being conducted by Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), 1001 G Street NW, Suite 300W, Washington, DC 20001. All entries made into this campaign are the property of ACC, and ACC reserves the right to amend, modify, and terminate this campaign. We will publish a list of winners using only the first name and last initial of the winning member(s). Please see ACC’s privacy policy here. If you would like to participate without recommending a new member, please send an email to with the subject line "Member Get a Member Entry". Only one entry per person will be allowed without recommending a member for the duration of the campaign. Odds of winning a complimentary registration to a qualified ACC event are 1:249. 


A massive thank-you and congratulations to the Southern California chapter for recruiting the most members this year with a final count of 26! All of our final chapter recruitment counts for 2022 are below. 

Chapter Members
Alabama 1
Alberta 1
Argentina 2
Arizona 2
Austin 3
British Columbia 2
Central & Western New York 1
Central Florida 3
Central Ohio 4
Central Pennsylvania 3
Charlotte 3
Chicago 16
Colorado 4
Connecticut 2
Dallas-Fort Worth 11
Europe 12
Georgia 25
Greater Philadelphia 8
Houston 10
Indiana 4
Iowa 3
Israel 24
Kentucky 3
Louisiana 3
Michigan 6
Mid-America 6
Middle East & North Africa 5
Minnesota 5
Mountain West 4
National Capital Region 18
New Jersey 6
New South Wales 13
New York City 16
North Florida 3
Northeast 8
Northeast Ohio 6
Oklahoma 2
Ontario 5
Oregon 3
Quebec  1
Queensland 3
Research Triangle Area 12
San Diego 7
San Francisco Bay Area 10
Singapore 2
South Australia 3
South Carolina 4
South Florida 6
South/Central Texas 3
Southern California 26
Southwest Ohio 6
St. Louis 5
Tampa Bay 6
Tennessee 3
Victoria 14
Washington 3
West Australia 12
Westchester/Southern Connecticut 5
Western Pennsylvania 3
Wisconsin 5
Thank you to all of the below ACC Members for growing our global community!
A.J. S.
Aaron G.
Adi K.
Alan H.
Alex T.
Alex G.
Alex P.
Alexandra F.
Aline D.
Allen M.
Alyssa K.
Alyssa S.
Ambrosia E.
Amit G.
Andrea J.
Andrea L.
Andreas S.
Andrew T.
Andrew B.
Andy M.
Angela R.
Anna M.
Anna-Lisa C.
April C.
Avi W.
Barry D.
Ben E.
Ben N.
Bert K.
Betsy H.
Bill M.
Billy T.
Blake M.
Caitlin J.
Callana O.
Calvert S.
Cami D.
Carla M.
Carla H.
Carlo C.
Caroline J.
Cassie M.
Catherine M.
Chad M.
Chris T.
Chris H.
Christina G.
Christina F.
Christopher C.
Colin P.
Colleen S.
Cory W.
Crystal V.
Cynthia G.
Dan H.
Daniel L.
Daniel Y.
Daniel D.
Darlene L.
Darrin H.
David M.
David A.
David S.
Deborah E.
Dena K.
Dena D.
Deric D.
Diane B.
Doug V.
DuPerre .
Ed S.
Edward I.
Elizabeth C.
Ellen T.
Emily W.
Emily S.
Eric G.
Eric R.
Erica M.
Erica F.
Erick C.
Evie T.
Felicity C.
Frances A.
Frank B.
Frank N.
Frankie G.
George K.
George L.
Georgina M.
Gina P.
Gina D.
Grace P.
Greg C.
Heather W.
Heather G.
Helen Y.
Helena L.
Herb H.
Holly R.
Hyung B.
J.Q. A.
Jacqueline C.
James F.
James P.
Jamie A.
Jamie B.
Jason W.
Jay B.
Jay H.
Jay L.
Jeff W.
Jenna H.
Jennifer C.
Jennifer M.
Jerico P.
Jessica P.
Jessica G.
Jessica N.
Jim K.
Jim B.
Joan F.
John K.
John G.
Jonathon B.
Joseph K.
Josh C.
Joshua L.
Julie W.
Julie D.
Justin C.
Kara T.
Karina I.
Katerina G.
Katherine D.
Kathleen P.
Kathryn W.
Kenneth D.
Kinga F.
Kirk J.
Kirsten V.
Kristen C.
Kristin H.
Larry W.
Latrice L.
Lauren M.
Leslie S.
Lindsey D.
Lisan H.
Liza M.
Lori L.
Lydia H.
Mario B.
Marita K.
Mark M.
Martin T.
Marvin G.
Mary C.
Matthew C.
Maya H.
Megan S.
Megan B.
Melissa B.
Melissa K.
Melissa C.
Melissa S.
Michael P.
Michael F.
Michael L.
Michal C.
Michele A.
Michelle R.
Michelle W.
Mike K.
Mike T.
Molly V.
Monique H.
Müge B.
Nancy B.
Nayan P.
Nick B.
Nicola D.
Nira P.
Nishat R.
Olga O.
Pablo F.
Paul G.
Pax S.
Pei Z.
Peter M.
Prabir C.
Rachel R.
Rachel G.
Rachel S.
Ramona M.
Rebecca H.
Rebecca R.
Ricardo L.
Richard E.
Richard A.
Rippi K.
Robert B.
Robert I.
Robert F.
Robert L.
Robert R.
Ronny .
Russ O.
Ryan V.
Ryan W.
Ryan H.
Sally O.
Sandra M.
Sarah C.
Scott M.
Sean M.
Sean K.
Sheila L.
Sherrhonda R.
Sheryl M.
Shuba S.
Sigal R.
Simon Z.
Sofia B.
Stefanie F.
Stephanie T.
Stephanie H.
Stephanus Y.
Stephen C.

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