2018 Legal Department Benchmarking Report—Large Company Supplement

Each year, ACC surveys the heads of legal departments globally to better understand the status of top legal officers within the in-house legal profession as well as to acquire in-depth operations data to help legal departments make more informed business decisions. This report is one among three benchmarking supplements that specifically focus on reporting benchmarking metrics within different company sizes. The data presented in this report represents 132 legal departments in companies with at least $3 billion in annual gross revenue. We present a host of standardized metrics including department spend, cost, staffing, workload, and work allocation measures. We further segment these metrics across industries, department sizes, and number of lawyers and present a full set of numerical visualizations.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Demographic Profile of Participants
  • Overall Benchmarking Metrics
  • Overall Benchmarking Metrics—Visual Representations
    • Legal Department Spend as a Percentage of Company Gross Revenue
    • Legal Department Spend Distribution
    • Legal Department Staffing by Position—Total Number
    • Legal Department Staffing by Position—Percentage of Legal Staff
    • Number of Staff per $1 Billion in Company Revenue
    • Company Revenue per Legal Staff
    • Internal Spend per Legal Staff
    • Total External Spend per Legal Staff
    • Total Legal Spend per Legal Staff
    • Fully Loaded Cost per Legal Staff Hour
    • Number of Contracts Handled by Legal Department
    • Number of Litigation Matters Handled by Legal Department
    • Legal Department Work Allocation
  • Benchmarking Metrics by Industry*
  • Benchmarking Metrics by Company Size Breakdown (Company Gross Revenue)
  • Benchmarking Metrics by Department Size (Total Legal Staff)
  • Benchmarking Metric by Number of Lawyers
  • About ACC Research

*Industry breakouts include: Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Retail Trade.