2019 ACC Chief Legal Officers Survey

The influence of the chief legal officer (CLO) is expanding. The Age of the Chief Legal Officer is gaining momentum as issues that affect businesses, from sustainability to data security, become more urgent and complex. The ACC Chief Legal Officers Survey shows how CLOs are assuming positions of influence on the business side of the company, taking on roles beyond that of technical legal adviser.

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The price of the 2019 ACC CLO Survey for non-members is $395.

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The report contains feedback from 1,639 chief legal officers in 55 countries.

Dive into details on:

  • The role of the CLO
  • What keeps CLOs up at night
  • What impacts business decision–making around the world
  • What role do CLOs play when it comes to corporate sustainability
  • Key nonlegal skills and what industries are creating new positions
  • Staffing and budget predictions
  • Should you supervise HR, compliance, sustainability? Find out what others do.
  • M&A predictions

For in-house counsel, the report can help you:

  • Demonstrate why it's so important to have a seat at the executive table
  • Learn what CEOs and boards of directors ask CLOs about most often
  • Find found how often peers weigh in on business decisions and attend board meetings
  • See what other CLOs predict for staffing and budgets in the next 12 months

For law firms and legal service providers, the report can help you:

  • Keep up to speed on new roles for CLOs and legal departments
  • Evaluate issues of greatest importance to CLOs
  • Learn more about what's top of mind for CEOs and Boards

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