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The ACC Foundation is pleased to support a new global initiative – Women In The House (WITH), which seeks to foster the professional development of women as in-house counsel; support and engage women in their professional roles; and champion full and equal recognition of women in the legal profession all over the globe. The Mission of WITH is closely aligned with the ACC Foundation's mission related to diversity, leadership and professional development.

As the WITH initiative grows, we are looking to develop quarterly programs, toolkits for ACC Chapters to use to host their own programs, an annual conference, and specific mentoring opportunities.

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OnRamp In-House
A Unique re-Entry Platform for Women Lawyers Returning to the Profession

What is OnRamp In-House:
OnRamp In-House is a joint effort by the ACC Foundation and the OnRamp Fellowship to increase the pipeline of experienced women lawyers in corporations.  OnRamp places talented women lawyers who have taken an extended hiatus from practice in one-year, paid fellowships with top legal departments.  This unique re-entry platform gives returning women a chance to broaden their experience, skills and contacts , while demonstrating their tremendous value in the marketplace.

OnRamp FAQ's

For more information, please contact Caren Ulrich Stacy at caren@diversitylab.com


Cause & Effect: Why Women Leave The Legal Profession

There has never been a better time to capitalize on the talents of female in-house counsel yet, women face real barriers to advancement. High-performing female lawyers exiting the legal profession leave a "leaky pipeline" to senior legal positions. It is in these senior positions that women have the greatest effect on the bottom line; hence, efforts to repair this pipeline may be necessary sooner rather than later. ... [ full article ]