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Understanding the Nist's Proposal for Reducing Cyber Risk

ACC Web Pages - ACC Docket

In an effort to protect businesses and their customers from cyber attacks, President Obama tasked the National Institute of Standards and Technology with creating a framework to shield critical infrastructure from such threats. Learn more about the framework ...


CareerPath Big Data

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Big Data refers to the collection, organization and analysis of expansive data pools. Conclusions drawn from Big Data are not infallible. The author explains how human bias can influence the interpretation of data sets.


Next Discovery Frontier: Preparing for Backup Data Requests

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

The law on electronic discovery is developing rapidly. In the past two years, courts have issued a number of landmark decisions concerning the duty of corporations to preserve and produce electronic documents in litigation. This article will help you ...


Misplaced Trust and Stolen Identities: Protecting Consumers and Minors as They Use the Internet

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Understanding that the internet is both everywhere and nowhere, it is important for in-house attorneys, as well as all company decision-makers, to know the issues surrounding identity theft online, and the regulations placed on internet advertising that ...


Ins & Outs: Legal Stars 2

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

This is the second of two columns lightheartedly assessing technologies, measurement tools, and outside counsel management techniques specifically for the people in legal departments.


Career Path: The Extinction of Lawyers

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

In Richard Susskind's latest book The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services, he develops his theory that the new information age will ultimately render lawyers obsolete. This article analyzes and critiques this premise from the perspective ...


Small Law: The Rocky Horror Ediscovery Show

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

What can the brilliant Rocky Horror Picture Show (20th Century Fox, 1975) teach you about ediscovery? Read Phil Strauss article to find out.


According to Alexis Steinman: What to Know Before Joining a Tech Startup in Canada

ACC Resource Library - Canadian Briefings

Alexis Steinman, general counsel, Float4 Interactive, discusses what in-house counsel should know before joining a tech startup in Canada.


The Accidental Licensor: Advanced Issues in Software Licensing

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Increasingly, non-IT companies are becoming accidental licensors, licensing their internally built accounting, inventory, human resources, supply chain, or other software systems in order to capitalize on these developments. If your company becomes a ...


New to In-house: Sharks with Lasers

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Philip Strauss brings you the top four affordable technologies that can help you as a new in-house lawyer, James Bond style.


Trust, but Verify: The Reality of Data Protection in an Information-Driven World

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

The information revolution is responsible for quantum leaps in productivity and economic prosperity, but a downside has been the rise in a whole new class of crimes. With 8 primary elements, the comprehensive privacy protection and information security ...


Avoiding the Latest EU Data Protection Pitfalls: Changes in European Privacy Laws that Restrict E-Marketing

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Read this article to gain insight into EU privacy restrictions and to evaluate how you can best avoid a situation of noncompliance with these data protection requirements.


An Introduction to Software Licensing

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

The following article is a primer to help explain the negotiation of a license for customizable software products. This article discusses what to consider as part of the business arrangement, including issues related to product performance and liability, ...


Internet Taxation: Will Remain a Tax-Free Zone?

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

To tax or not to tax? The work of the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce has been completed, but has the critical question been answered?


Search Terms For Sale: Internet Poachers And Trademark Bidding

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Adopt a vigilant approach to internet poachers and protect your website traffic.


Beating Vendor Lockdown: Negotiating Software Licenses for Your Organization

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

This article discusses why negotiating software licensing agreements can be difficult and outlines how to maximize your chances for successfully negotiating some critical deal points.


Protecting Children Online: Where Corporate Responsibility is Just Good Business

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

If your company offers internet-related services, you may already appreciate how taking steps to provide users with a safe online experience can build user trust and brand loyalty, both of which can lead to business success. Would your company prefer ...


The Challenges of Electronic Signature Implementations

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Electronic signatures have been legal and enforceable in the United States since the passage of the ESIGN Act in 2000. Electronic signatures provide an enormous opportunity for in-house counsel to facilitate speed, efficiency, and reliability in the ...


BYOD: Has Your Company Addressed Its Privacy and Data Security Risks?

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Bring your own device, or BYOD, presents significant privacy and data security risks to companies. To reduce these risks, businesses should implement appropriate written data security and information use policies and procedures, before a disaster occurs.


Tech Toolbox The Legal Tech Audit: Coming to the Internet Near You

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Most lawyers are seriously deficient at using the time-saving features built into the basic tools of the trade standard software like Outlook, Word and Adobe. Could you pass a technology competency assessment? If not, dont dismay, these skills arent ...


Wisdom of the Crowd Employee Use of iPads & Smartphones

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

This article sheds new light on an oft-discussed issue: What to do about employee use of personal electronic devices?


Critical Components in IP Licensing

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Rebecca Arvizu, senior counsel of Legal and Business Affairs for DTS, Inc. explains the most critical components in IP licensing based on her career experience.


Career Path: The iPhone Rule

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

A discussion on how the iPhone promotes succinct communication lines and cognitive fluency.


The Electronic Barrister: Delivering Client Value with Information Technology Solutions

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Ever feel like you have to work around the clock just to keep up? Astra Pharmaceuticals legal department has found a way to do just that (well...almost) with its high-tech approach to delivering legal services.


Outsource Resource - Virtual Real Estate Management

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

The management responsiblities of a chief legal officer (CLO) sometimes extend into the realm of real estate and property of the company. This responsibility can often involve making crucial decisions into how the property should be maintained. This ...


SWOT and Beyond: How to Make Your Law Department Effective

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

In order for your law department to be effective, its goals, objectives,and results must be aligned with those of your company. This article will help you to achieve such alignment through a simple three-step strategy for communication and change.


Ghost In The Machine: Legal Developments and Practical Advice in an Age of Electronic Discovery

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Discusses how vital it is to implement a solid electronic information retention system and provides practice pointers for choosing an appropriate methodology to fit your company's budget.


Recovering Ediscovery Costs

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

In-house counsel have amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to contend with, and the high costs of complying with them tend to come from the legal department's pocketbook. Learn about how to recover from the cost of ediscovery.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Getting to Know Your Data

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Recycling is acquiring new meaning these days corporations are looking for ways to leverage the exponential growth of their data by harnessing it for multiple purposes. The data we collect for litigation and investigation purposes can and should be ...


The Perils of Public Wi-Fi

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

According to a recent F-Secure experiment, not reading the terms and conditions of free Wi-Fi is a bad idea. Wi-Fi users transmit all sorts of data, and providers can collect that data and sell it.


Online Social Networking and Your Career: Are You Staying Ahead of the Game?

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Ever heard of Facebook? Chances are some of your employees have, and they may even mention your company name in their profiles. Yes, in-house counsel should be aware of social networking sites, but maybe not in order to police them-but to join them. ...


Tech Toolbox Welcome to the 21st Century, Mr. Hancock

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

The paperless office is a mirage. Weve had the technology to go mostly paperless since the early 90s. But our paper usage has grown right along with our data volumes, consuming 15 percent of our physical office space. For over a decade, the legal framework ...


Managing Discovery in Large-scale and Pattern Litigation: Use Technology for Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

As in-house counsel, you should assess what technology tools are available and their costs, advantages, and drawbacks. Early assessment and coordination with your litigation counsel and business people are paramount.


The Future of the Safe Harbor Agreement

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Recently, European Union officials have called into question the efficacy of the Safe Harbor framework a practical, cost-effective solution for many companies involving the collection of personal data of EU residents and its transfer to the United States. ...


Legal, Cultural, Technical and Logistical Issues of Asian Electronic Discovery

ACC Resource Library - Asian Briefings

Once a business faces the prospects of gathering ESI from foreign offices and subsidiaries, it will likely start to grasp the complexity of cross-border eDiscovery. This article discusses the legal, logistical and cultural challenges related to Asian ...


The SMB's Guide to Developing an Electronic Data Management Program that Can Reduce Legal Risk and Lower eDiscovery Costs

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

When it comes to ediscovery, small and medium businesses (SMBs) tend to be at a greater disadvantage than large enterprises. And the risks of poorly managing data are not to be taken lightly: reactive cost burdens, monetary penalties and even default ...


Creating an Information Management System Using Outlook Public Folders

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Explores how a legal department achieved many of the benefits of a matter management system simply by making more effective use of the technological tools already available.


Practical Rules for Purchasing and Implementing a Matter Management System

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Another technological management gadget to add to the efficient law departments toolbox.


Low Cost of Going High-Tech: How to Use Technology to Improve the Productivity of Your Law Department

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Have you ever needed a technology tool that would make your practice more efficient but found that generic office products didn't deliver all that you needed? Read this article to learn how with a very modest budget you can rapidly develop technology ...


The Contractual Cogitator: From Cuneiform to Computer: Contracting in the 21st Century

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

This article discusses new contractual questions that arise with new technologies like email.


Negotiating Complex Technology and Outsourcing Relationships

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Managing outsourcing relationships and negotiating technology solutions can prove to be difficult for in-house counsel, especially if they are brought into the process too late to be effective. This article discusses the benefits of adding counsel to ...


What International Travelers Should Know About Border and Airport Electronic Equipment Searches

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Getting past security at the airport is tantamount to being publicly screened and examined. Its part of the inconveniences suffered for the sake of safety. But how far those searches go and should go is debatable when it comes to seizure of electronic ...


Self-Driving Cars, Drones, and the IoT: Balancing Public Safety and Privacy

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Security of Internet of Things information is gaining policy urgency, as drones try to bring drugs into prisons and Chinese hackers access civil servants data, including security clearance information. Dangers include crashes of driverless cars, or of ...


New to In-house: Bab-eProofing

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

In many ways, when it comes to ecommerce, we as in-house lawyers are like first-time parents with infant clients. Although we and our children/clients are equally struggling with dramatic changes, the task of making the world safe for our little pumpkins ...


A Comprehensive Guide for Learning to Like Social Media

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Social networking is no longer relegated to personal communications; businesses are increasingly using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to strengthen their relationships with consumers. While benefits of social networking are numerous, these sites have ...


Softly Does It Patenting Software in the UK

ACC Resource Library - EMEA Briefings

This article discusses the CII-Directive and the ever difficult job of patenting software in the UK.


Internet Listservs and Newsgroups: Potential Pitfalls and Legal Ramifications

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Do you know that you need to get a grip on the use of proliferating listservs in your company but dont know where or how to begin addressing the liability issues? This article uses recent cases to help you see where policies and procedures for your ...


Going Global A Worldwide Wiki

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Frank Fletcher discusses how implementing a wiki can benefit some legal departments.


European Briefings June 2010 Using Technology and Tools to be More Productive and Efficient: Focus On Coca Cola Europe

ACC Resource Library - EMEA Briefings

Insights from Christopher Barnard, general counsel for Coca-Cola Europe


Building the Virtual Law Firm Through Collaborative Work Teams

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

This article discusses how DuPont's law department is using technology to create a virtual law firm, by fostering collaboration among its in-house staff, its outside law firms, and its serious providers.


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