Wendy Axelrod

Wendy S. Axelrod is an Empowerment Guide & Intuitive Energy Practitioner.  She helps mid-career high performers who are hungry to create their desired impact and fulfillment in life, career and relationships, gain clarity about their purpose and what they want then go after it.  A former practicing lawyer, she has empowered numerous lawyers and other high performers to maximize their potential by releasing their fears of judgment and criticism that are keeping them stuck.  
Wendy meets clients exactly where they are in the depths of their internal struggle, so they feel deeply seen, understood and supported.  She clears the energetic and emotional blocks and beliefs that prevent forward movement using innovative energy and coaching modalities so clients feel lighter, confident, self-aware and at peace.  Wendy is thrilled to share this powerful tool for enhancing wellness and performance with ACC members! 
Areas of Energy Practitioner Expertise:
•    Increasing self-awareness and self-belief
•    Improving intimacy, compassion and empathy in relationships 
•    Increasing trust and acceptance of self and others
•    Moving past procrastination to take consistent action towards goals 
•    Setting and maintaining boundaries
•    Replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones
•    Increasing clarity of life purpose and meaning
•    Managing emotions with greater ease (i.e., enhanced emotional intelligence

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